Our history

Amber has always been a part of our life. Over 40 years ago, our parents created a workshop of unique, amber jewellery. They have passed on us all their love, passion and knowledge for this material, and now we pass it on to our children as well as the whole world. We are fascinated with the great number of its beneficial properties. In the era of overflow of plastic and mass production, we decided to create a local product, friendly to us and our planet.

Besides health and nature, our love is art and design, which is why we choose fabrics 100% natural from the best Polish and worlds designers. We observed our children cling to amber, every opportunity to visit the studio was good. We decided to use the unique properties of amber and created the first pillows, because our and our children's health is the most important for us. Later there were gifts for family and friends. After some time, friends of friends began to ask us to improve their sleep quality as well.

That's how the idea of ​​creating a collection of pillows was born, pillows which combine the unique properties of raw Baltic amber, buckwheat husk and the beauty of fabrics. This is how Amber Dream Sopot was created. Our family brand combines tradition with modern twist, many years of experience and bold design.

We create in the spirit of less waste, quality, ecology and health are the most important for us. We use carefully selected materials: organic buckwheat husk, rough Baltic amber selected by us and 100% natural fabrics with the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certificate.